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La Prairie
La Prairie The Caviar Pop-Up Store
La Prairie celebrated The Caviar Pop-Up's Central launch. A select group of guests enjoyed unique vibrant caviar experiences while discovering the new Skin Caviar Eye Lift. For ArtBasel Hong Kong, Cedric Grolet and local street artist Wong Ting Fung were invited. One of them integrated excellent dining with art in an innovative way, and another one created a colourful mural for our enjoyment. The campaign used an AR filter to present guests with product information and allow them to play a claw machine to get a gift for a game award. The completed customer journey allows customers to have sensory satisfaction from sight to taste, followed by a physical gaming experience, thoroughly demonstrating how La Prairie enriches life beyond skincare.
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Chow Sang Sang
Chow Sang Sang Infini Love Diamond™ Event 
Chow Sang Sang recently hosted 「A Passion for Brilliance」Infini Love Diamond™ at APM. The event featured a visually stunning diamond tunnel that captivated attendees with its brilliance. Various exhibition areas were set up, showcasing live master-level craft performances, product displays, and interactive games to enhance the overall experience. To simplify the understanding of Chow Sang Sang and diamond knowledge, a digital game was created for public engagement. Renowned celebrities like Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Ansonbean, Mandy Tam, and Sabrina Cheung were invited to share their insights on jewelry selection. Attendees had the opportunity to take complimentary photos inside the diamond tunnel, with the option to instantly print and receive their pictures as a keepsake from the event.
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L’OCCITANE TR Hainan In-game Event
L’OCCITANE TR launched In-game Event in Hainan to promote the product launch. Users can experience an interesting game on-site; they can register and redeem the gift throughout the event site.
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Founded by several energetic advertising veterans, the agency name “SEK GAM DONG” derives from ancient Chinese fairy tale, means the sacred rock from Mount Taishan, which brings a steadylife and well being to its people.

We believe both Creative Idea and Implementation Capability are prerequisites for a successful marketing activity. We keep strengthening our expertise in Digital and Creative field, to provide professional services like Front/Back-end Programming, Creative & UX Design, Hardware Customization, Dual-language Copywriting and Marketing Promotion services, for our local and international Clients.

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